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Mayor Bloomberg-"No terrorist is going to use a small plane"

Earlier today, we criticized Mayor Bloomberg for his passive response to the Corey Lidle crash. (The Post offered a similar take here.) It appears Mayor Bloomberg listened, sort of.

Now he's actively dismissing the danger of small planes flying unregistered and unregulated alongside Manhattan.

On his weekly radio appearance, Mayor Bloomberg repeatedly accused politicians who've called for new flight restrictions of chasing headlines, and offered his usual praise of technocrats and disdain for the retail politicking his fortune has largely insulated him from.

More after the "continue reading" link, but the money quote is "no terrorist is going to use a small plane."

John Gambling: Let's talk about… the disagreement, the apparent disagreement, between you the governor, the senator from New York, Anthony Wiener, the rest of—all crying to close down the airspace.

Mayor Bloomberg: Look, we have the FAA to set the rules. They have over the years done a spectacular job—air flying and this country is phenomenally safe. They've done a great job. You leave it to the professionals… Setting policy by rushing to have a press conference isn't exactly the best way to run the country and I'll just leave it to the FAA. they've done a great job so far. also all this yelling and screaming isn't going to change them. they are professionals and they'll decide to do what they want and you don't want to have the politicians involved in setting policies that influence safety… I've always thought that there's a reason why we don't have votes on everything. You have agencies that are staffed with professionals that make rational decisions based on the facts and with the benefit of time, of looking and seeing what happened and doing an investigation, seeing how one policy fits with other policies.

The fact of the matter is a small plane really can't do all that much damage. there are other ways—no terrorist is going to use a small plane. They would use a big plane obviously but a small plane no.

We'll just stop worrying then.

Later in the program, he did offer a frank and interesting take on Mayor Daley's plan for a police camera on most every corner, a topic we discussed here.

Richard Daley is one of the best mayors this country has ever had, I've always thought… Chicago is a city that works. That's their slogan, and it does. It's clean, it's growing and they have convention facilities that we envy. He's done a spectacular job.

In terms of putting cameras up on every corner, you know if it fights crime, I guess. The civil liberties issue of somebody watching you, that's come and gone. There are cameras today at virtually every corner. So many buildings, so many stores have cameras that whenever there's a crime one of the first things police do is they go to all the buildings in the neighborhood and say,"Do you have cameras? Can we look at the tapes?"

This issue of Big Brother watching—Big Brother probably is watching already anyways and you can have an intellectual debate as to whether it's right or wrong, but in a practical sense it's here, and we're not rolling it back.